2 comments on “Protein is Worse than Carbs??

  1. The science behind this post is compelling, but just doesn’t jive with experimental evidence. Any diabetic can tell you that 50g of protein will require much less insulin than 50g of carbohydrates generally speaking. I’m not saying that protein requires no insulin, in fact large portion sizes of meat and eggs can require substantial quantities of insulin, but nothing close to a similar meal of carbohydrates and, more importantly, the large portion of protein will NOT spike insulin levels. Rather, those calories of protein will demand a slow trickle of insulin over the next few hours or more.

    How do you feel about a diet high is healthy fat, low in carbs, and moderate in protein levels?

    • I appreciate your comment. And there are studies that have shown an insulin spike during protein intake with a trickle down effect over a few hours of time, especially due to the large portion sizes; probably because the body is attempting to bring as much nutrients into the cell as possible. This is due to an individual’s insulin sensitivity, or resistance, which is going to vary greatly from person to person. The purpose of the article was to outline that although protein could cause a similar if not more drastic spike as carbohydrates, it also has the additional benefits that carbs can not offer.

      As far as a high fat, low carb and moderate protein diet, it all depends on your activity level. For the general public, the best thing you can do is eat a well balanced diet staying away from processed/refined foods and the like, while people who are more physically active may require additional calories, which I tend to stress obtaining from protein and complex dietary fat sources which are more challenging to the metabolism and generally healthier.

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